VR Training Tools

Our virtual reality line-worker training tool provides the safest, most realistic and efficient training method that exists today.

Electric Code has developed a customizable hardware, software and analytics platform for utility workforce training that offers the most realistic and trackable training modules in the marketplace today.

Our VR training platform includes the following features that enable an effective and efficient mode of workforce training with cumulative and trackable benefit over a worker’s tenure.

  • Custom hardware that enables a 360-degree VR experience and assessment.
  • Multi-level user structure that allows for individual user profiles and dashboards, as well as team levels.
  • Individual and team performance tracking and analytics, with the capability to filter, e.g. by geography, classification, etc.
  • Modules that train on specific tasks and use cases, as well as being specific to the actual controls and equipment that are used in the field.
  • Collaboration section where assessors can join in the same VR experience.
Electric Code’s custom VR training hardware enables a full 360-degree VR experience and assessment opportunity, which is a much more accurate representation of real life.

VR Training Benefits

By using Electric Code’s VR training platform over three days, 20 electric line workers were able to improve their task performance score by 36% over the three days. The benefit of this VR training was seen as a real-world task performance improvement as well: What used to take 10 minutes to complete accurately before the training now only takes 8 minutes — a time improvement of 16%.

Proper use of a load-buster tool
(percentage change)
Average score 68.79% 93.53% +35.96%
Minimum score 41.00% 50.00% +21.95%
Maximum score 100% 100% +0%
Average time spent on task
in the field
before training
10.08 mins
after training
8.32 mins