Hardware Solutions

From aerial drones to RFID tool tracking, we have the right tech hardware solutions to optimize your utility operations.

Electric Code offers a variety of software-enabled hardware solutions that drive enhanced productivity and accuracy for field operations. Whether it’s for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) systems, our approach to software-enabled hardware solutions is grounded in decades of field experience. That’s how we are able to maximize efficiency and safety to field operations, as well as automate and streamline back office processes.

Aerial Drones

Drones are being put to work in a wide variety of industries. At Electric Code, we’ve tailored our drone fleet and flight operations process to the unique needs of the utility industry. Whether it’s inspecting transmission lines or assessing damage after a natural disaster, our team and our tech is ready to deploy.

Drone Flight Training

You can also leverage our expertise through our industry-focused drone pilot training program. Our experienced team can help train your new pilots to handle the challenges specific to drone flights for utility construction, inspection and repair.

RFID tool tracking

In your yard and on your job sites, you have hundreds — maybe even thousands — of pieces of equipment. From small power tools to bucket trucks, our RFID (radio frequency identification) system lets you locate these valuable assets anytime. Not only will you know where your equipment is, our tracking app lets you know when an asset is handled or hauled. The result: higher utilization of your capital assets, reduced costs and minimal equipment loss.

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