TEAM Dashboard

Utility work requires the choreographing of people, resources, equipment and technology. Our TEAM business intelligence dashboard assures you’ll gain visibility into productivity opportunities to achieve optimal performance, thereby lowering operational costs and improving workforce efficiency.

Our TEAM (Time, Equipment, Accountability and Monitoring) business intelligence platform offers your managers, crews and partners unprecedented visibility into your operations. Optimized for “boots on the ground” utility work, the TEAM platform collects, integrates and helps you analyze a wide range of data.

“With the TEAM dashboard, we can communicate what’s happening in the field in real time, set realistic expectations, and constantly find new ways to improve our operations like never before.”
— Actual customer


  • Project scheduler
  • Task management
  • Procurement delivery/delay
  • Field data collection
  • Project visualization dashboard
  • Multi-source data integration
  • Exportable/shareable reports
  • Customizable interface


  • Timely status updates (completions/delays)
  • Field time management
  • Clear field communications
  • Subcontractor control
  • Budget alerts
  • Tool tracking (requires optional RFID tools)