With 75 years of utility-industry expertise, Electric Code is the innovation partner of choice to transform and modernize utility operations.

Electric Code is a subsidiary of Pike Corporation. Founded in 1945, Pike is a leading, integrated provider of construction, repair and engineering services for distribution and transmission powerlines and substations, with a growing portfolio of turnkey and renewable projects. The company’s geographic reach and comprehensive capabilities have made it a trusted partner for America’s leading utilities.

We have worked with hundreds of investor-owned, cooperative and municipal utility clients across the country. We continuously expand our offerings to supply our customers with the ideas, technology, experience, manpower and equipment that drives the industry forward, increasing safety, accountability and efficiency of the utility workforce.

Electric Code was created to expand the company’s vision to bring the latest innovations to market in order to better serve both our partners and our communities.

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Examples of our work

  • Virtual Reality Training Modules with Analytics and Custom Hardware.
  • Field Force Audit and Analytics Platform.
  • Consolidated Field Time, Equipment, Analytics and Monitoring Platform.
  • Multi-Vendor Storm Response Coordination Platform.
  • Augmented Reality Tools for Field Operations.
  • Digital Manuals with Voice Activation and Tracking.

Whether you are an electric or gas utility, a telecommunications company or a vendor serving the utility sector, we have the right-sized technology approach and solution optimized for your operations and business needs.