Custom Technology for
Utility Operations

Connecting utility operational know-how with digital savvy.

Electric Code develops innovative technologies, custom solutions and offers technology and integration consulting for the utility industry. With our 75 years of utility-industry expertise combined with our digitization-first approach, we have introduced many innovative utility solutions across a wide spectrum of applications.


Innovation Lab

Collaborative technology development
space and resource

Tech Solutions

Customized solutions for
utility applications

How we are different

What is unique about Electric Code is our deep operational and regulatory knowledge of electric, gas and telecommunications utilities, which we combine with our integrated hardware and software technology solutions. We also offer pre-built integration with industry-standard ERPs and utility systems.

This means that our solutions have all of your relevant operational needs and business metrics embedded into them from day one, allowing you to see the big picture, while providing you critical, operational information via our custom analytics platform.


Sample projects

  • Virtual Reality Training Modules with Analytics and Custom Hardware
  • Field Force Audit and Analytics Platform
  • Consolidated Field Time, Equipment, Analytics and Monitoring Platform
  • Multi-Vendor Storm Response Coordination Platform
  • Augmented Reality Tools for Field Operations
  • Digital Manuals with Voice Activation and Tracking

Whether you are an electric or gas utility, a telecommunications company or a vendor serving the utility sector, we have the right-sized technology approach and solution optimized for your operations and business needs.